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Y & R International (Wuhu) Industrial Limited
Fornecedor com várias especialidades
Principais produtos:Limpeza e cuidados com a lavanderia, limpeza e cuidados com a cozinha, limpeza e cuidados com a casa de banho, limpeza oral e cuidados com as mãos
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Y&R is the Verified Supplier in Alibaba.com


Company introduction


Y&R International (Wuhu) Industrial Ltd was registered in 2011. It has been devoting itself to providing detergent cleaners for laundry, dish, household, kitchen, toiletries, auto and personal care products with reasonable prices and good qualities. Y&R also provides private label and fast delivery services to meet with demands from customers.


Y&R sets up ISO and CRM systems to manage supply chains and customers network. The products are exported to the retailers, wholesalers and distributors from over 70 countries in the five continents.


Being honest to people, being prudential to what you do, being acceptable to improvement, being never giving up are our values. Y&R strives for helping customers growing up and consumers live for better.

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